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Prepress Support Technician

ID 2015-1365
# of Openings 1
Job Locations US-NV
Category Administrative/Clerical
Hire Type New

More Information about this job:


Primary responsibilities for this position are to check printing plates and job tickets for all jobs to ensure specifications are met, updating job status locations within Monarch. Secondary responsibilities include assisting the Prepress department in updating impositions and color setups. In addition, this position will work closely with the Scheduling department and may perform other duties as required.


  1. Up to 10 days accrued vacation time per year.
  2. Health insurance.
  3. Dental insurance.
  4. Vision insurance.
  5. Life insurance.


  1. Inspect each job ticket for proper number out, materials (stock, overlay, plates, and inks) stripe (appropriate to lock system), notes/instructions from sales, and total quantity including sub jobs.
  2. Verify that there is a signed proof for new jobs, copy of old proof for reorders, order confirmation, proof for 4cp jobs, and other necessary documentation with job BEFORE sending it into production. Retrieve any missing information from sales rep or prepress personnel. Verify that each job and any applicable sub jobs have been activated by the Accounting Department before sending job into production.
  3. Inspect plates for every plated job for the Komori 6, 5, 2 for proper sensor marks, cut marks, etc. Verify all color separations are plated and clipped together with corresponding job ticket.
  4. Material track plates out of Inventory through Shop Floor for all plated jobs. Maintain a record of all plates that are remade either by the press operators or by Prepress personnel when replating to correct a plate error. Access the plate qty to charge to each job for surface press jobs that are ganged together on the same plates and material track accordingly.
  5. Review schedule board each morning for scheduled jobs and their intended locations to determine where to take the jobs. Ensure that all jobs on any Press List from the Scheduling department are delivered to their appropriate work station in a timely manner. If the job is on the schedule and hasn’t made it to the plating stage notify the scheduling department immediately.


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent relevant experience.
  2. Proficiency in the use of Macintosh and PC computers as well as electronic publishing systems.
  3. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  4. Ability to interpret oral and written instructions.
  5. Excellent organizational skills and ability to pay attention to detail.
  6. Ability to understand and demonstrate depth perception, color separation and saturation.
  7. Ability to work with minimal supervision to meet deadlines.
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