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Go Plaid! Plastic Cards with a Plaid Design

Who says plaid is out? This classic, black & white plaid design makes a great membership or gift card. For more options and ideas, check out all our current premade plastic card templates.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Card Manufacturing

Plastek Cards introduces Eco-Friendly Biodegradable plastic cards as an alternative in the manufacturing process. This process is to reduce waste of material as well as helping with the earth environment. PETG Cards PETG ( Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol ) is one of the most environmentally friendly to produce plastic cards and PETG has been wil dly used […]

Plastic Card Displays

We are pleased to offer plastic card displays as a convenience to one stop shopping when you order plastic cards to be printed here at Plastek Cards. They are acrylic stands. Most of them are clear and we can also print out and design a display to slide into your plastic card displays. Please contact […]

UV light detect

UV light detection is an added security that can be featured on your plastic cards. With the growing numbers in fraudulent activity, UV light detection can help in making it harder if not impossible for your plastic cards to be duplicated. UV light detection is not visible to the human eye; however when put under […]

Barcodes Used In the Plastic Card Printing Industry

A barcode is a series of wide and narrow bars that can be scanned. There are many different types of barcodes you can put on your plastic cards; the most common one seen is the Universal Product Code or UPC code that you see on items that you purchase at stores. You can scan the […]

UV and Over laminate

UV finished will generally make the plastic cards come out nice in color quality, more vibrant, but if the plastic cards are being used a lot there would be no protection. UV finish is recommended for cards that have bright color in nature, cards that will not be handled often or maybe a one-time use […]

How to Use Plastic Calendar Cards To Increase Your Sales

No matter what business you’re in, you know that the key to increasing sales is staying visible to customers and getting their attention as often as possible. By keeping your message in front of your customers over and over again throughout the course of the year, it becomes that much easier to boost your revenue […]

Recycled Plastic Cards

Want to promote your business and be environmentally friendly? ABS Recycled plastic would be the way to go. With the same look and feel of a regular plastic card, with the recycled symbol on your cards, your clients will know that you care about the environment and are willing to go the extra mile in […]

Clear Plastic Business Cards

You can take your business cards to the next level with clear plastic cards. Custom clear plastic business cards are a unique way to make a lasting impression. Today’s competition in the job market is fierce, clear or frosted business cards are the means to get recognized. Utilizing the transparency of the cards our clients […]

How To Use Custom Plastic Phone Cards To Attract New Customers

Companies have long used branded merchandise such as mugs, caps, pens and other items in attempts to keep their names in front of current as well as potential customers. But promotional pieces have more often than not been considered throwaway items of low quality, and not much use to the people receiving them. You don’t […]

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