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American Saver Fundraising


The Leader in High-Profit Fundraisers

American Saver is a high-profit fundraiser offering BIG savings from well-known national restaurants and retailers. Your organization will make a minimum of $10 per card and spend zero time searching for participating merchants.

For fast delivery, order online or contact us to find out how American Saver can help you reach your fundraising goals.

American Saver Advantages

  • High Profit (min. $10 per card)
  • Zero time required finding merchants
  • National Merchants (Use Anywhere)
  • 160,000 Merchants and Growing
  • No Limit on Number of Uses
  • Get Discounts with Card or App

Who Benefits from American Saver?

  • Schools
  • Churches & Religious Organizations
  • Sports Teams
  • Scout Troops
  • Sororities and Fraternities
  • Clubs
  • Youth Groups
  • Cheerleading Teams
  • School Bands
  • PTA Groups
  • Booster Organizations
  • And many more

Participating Merchants Include

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