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ID Badges

custom id badges and id cards for business

Custom ID Cards

Custom ID cards are a simple, inexpensive way to improve safety in a workplace, school, hospital or other environment where added security is required. We can custom print standard custom ID cards or photo id cards to your specifications.

Choose from several custom ID card printing options, including:

  • Smart Card Chips
  • Magnetic Strips
  • Barcodes
  • Personalization of names, employee/membership numbers, and department
  • Circle and lanyard hole punches for quick and easy lanyard attachment
  • Image printing for photo ID badges

Order your custom ID cards online or contact one of our custom printing experts.

Why Choose Our ID Badge Printing Service?

For more than a decade, Plastek Cards has manufactured the highest quality ID badges for major corporations, educational institutions, and special events. When you use Plastek Cards’ ID badge printing service, we guarantee that your product will be delivered as ordered. How can we make such a guarantee? Because of our confidence in our production and quality control process.

Ensuring Quality ID Badge Printing

Our quality assurance program provides confidence to the customer, and includes:

  • Material Inspection
  • Plate Inspection
  • Lamination Inspection
  • Die Cutting Inspection
  • Spot Inspection During Production
  • Final Inspection Before Packing

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