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Holographic Card Printing at Plastek Cards

Holographic cards

Hologram cards are cards with a holographic image or design element. They can be the card’s primary focal point, accent, or security element. Depending on the viewing angle, holograms can produce sparkling, prismatic effects or three-dimensional images by refracting light.

Foil or holofoil cards are other names for hologram cards. They are often used for printing gift cards, sports cards, trade cards, gaming character cards, and more.

Holograms are also used on bank cards, credit cards, and other high-value cards as a security measure against fraud and counterfeiting. They are punched onto pre-printed cards to provide a distinctive pattern to plastic cards.

At Plastek Cards, we offer hologram cards in both standard and foil applications – perfect for membership cards, rewards cards, loyalty cards and more. Order hologram cards.


For added security, include a hologram on your card. A hologram is a flat image with a three-dimensional appearance. Our strongest fraud-prevention feature, holograms cannot be duplicated by any known printing technique, and provide quick and easy authentication with the naked eye.


This is not a true hologram, but has the appearance of one. It is a foil stamping process in which we hot stamp a square box with reflective foil as a background, and then print a non-reflective foil with a shape (normally a letter or simple graphic) on top of it.

Note: Some print options or print option combinations are not possible due to card thickness and other factors. Please contact us to verify which print options will work for you.

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