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Customer Loyalty Cards

customer loyalty cards for business loyalty card printing

Custom Loyalty Cards

Custom plastic loyalty cards are an excellent way to reward current customers while attracting new ones with a loyalty card program. Our reloadable plastic loyalty cards are compatible with most POS software, and can be customized for your business. At Plastek Cards, we provide plastic loyalty card printing services to both small business and national brands.

Loyalty Card Program Advantages

Implementing a loyalty card program is an ideal way to track customer buying behavior, which makes it easier to target your promotional offers and discounts. Studies have also shown that loyalty programs increase customer visits and lifetime value, as well as encourage brand loyalty.

How to Implement a Loyalty Card Program

Many point of sale providers allow merchants to accept loyalty cards. However, this feature may require activation by your POS provider. Once activated, you will now have the ability to enable direct marketing to customers by obtaining email addresses and texting numbers, as well as identify your most loyal customers and those you haven’t seen in a while to target for special promotions.

Why Partner with Plastek Cards for Your Loyalty Cards?

Merchants choose Plastek Cards to take advantage of our low minimum order quantities, exceptional customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Partner with Plastek Cards to print custom loyalty cards for your business, and you will see why we are the loyalty card printers of choice for customer loyalty programs worldwide.

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