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Full-Face Foil Printing for Stunning Cards

Full foil cards

Full Face Foil Plastic Card Printing

“Full-face foil plastic card printing” describes a process for printing plastic cards that involves covering the entire surface with metallic foil. This method is often applied to expensive or high-security cards and can produce an eye-catching, glossy finish. To meet the issuing company’s unique branding needs, these cards can be personalized with a variety of designs, including text, graphics, and logos. For even greater defence against forgery and manipulation, they can also include additional security features like holographic components or implanted chips. Full-face foil plastic card printing is the best option for upscale membership cards, gift cards, and identity badges.

Usually, there are multiple steps in this procedure, including design, printing, foil application, and finishing.

Full-face foil printing can offer extra security measures and improve plastic card aesthetics.

Full-face foil plastic cards are an excellent choice for businesses whose top priorities are security, appearance and staying ahead of the competition.

Order full-face foil cards.

Note: Some print options or print option combinations are not possible due to card thickness and other factors. Please contact us to verify which print options will work for you.

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