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Find Your Ideal Plastic Card Thickness

Plastic card thickness options

Select a card thickness that’s right for you. A thicker card has a more substantial feel. However, when cost is a consideration, we offer a variety of thicknesses to choose from. The standard plastic card has a thickness of 30mil. This is the thickness of a credit card. A 30mil card is tough and durable, and capable of being die cut or embossed. You can also apply a number of print options to a card of this thickness. Whether printing gift cards, business cards, loyalty cards or membership cards, you can choose the card thickness that best suits your needs. Order plastic cards.

Other standard thicknesses are 12mil and 18mil. Smart Cards (RFID) are typically 34mil. If your job requires it, we do offer thicker and thinner cards, but please keep in mind that not all print options will work on every card thickness.

Contact us at 1-888-762-2737 if you are interested in a non-standard card thickness, or to determine which print options are right for you.

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