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Print Options

  • Barcodes

    Barcodes are a series of wide and narrow bars that contain data and can be scanned to retrieve that data.

  • Card Finishes

    There are multiple finish options and looks for your card.

  • Card Material

    You can choose what material your card is made out of.

    • Die Cuts

      Plastek Cards offers non-traditional card sizes – almost any shape you can think of, we can do.

    • Embossing

      Refers to raised letters or numbers on a card, often tipped with silver or gold foil.

    • Encoding

      The process of electronically “writing” information on magnetic stripes or smart card chips.

    • Foil Stamping

      This type of printing achieved by using pressure and heat to affix colored foil in to the plastic surface.

    • Full Face Foil

      This gives your cards a rainbow metallic sheen that is especially visible when you move the card around.

    • Holograms

      This attractive feature is often used for security and to protect against forgery.

    • Magnetic Stripes

       Magnetic material, applied as a strip in the surface of a card, used to encode cardholder information.

    • Metallic

      Make your cards shimmer with metallic inks.

    • PreDesigned Cards

      We offer many predesigned templates that you can use for your cards.

    • Raised Ink

      Refers to a clear ink that is applied over areas of the card to make those areas stand out.

    • Scratch Offs

      Scratch offs are applied to prevent seeing what is underneath the scratch off, such as a pin number or special code.

    • Signature Panels

      This creates an area which allows you to write on the cards with a regular pen.

    • Spot UV

      You can choose to highlight an area of a card by applying a clear UV coating.

    • UV Light Ink

      This ink is not visible to the human eye, however when put under a black light you will be able to see the UV ink glow on the card.

    • Variable Data

      This refers to data that changes from card to card, like a name or account number.

    Plastek Cards is one of the leading manufacturers of coded magnet, magnetic stripe and smart cards. We can provide many options for your plastic card products. Our options will provide functionality to suit your business, and will make your cards stand out from the competition. Your business or organization can rely on Plastek Cards for quality and reliable manufacturing of your next gift card, library card, ID card, membership card, or prepaid card.


    Note: Some print options or print option combinations are not possible due to card thickness and other factors. Please contact us to verify which print options will work for you.