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Equipment List

  • 3x Heidelburg Printmaster GTO52
  • 1x HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press
  • 2x Atlantic Zeiser Cardline Versa Inkjet and Encoding
  • 13x Kingscience laminators
  • 1x Screen Platerite 8300N-E/S
  • 3x Automatic screen Presses
  • 6x King Science Diecut Punchers
  • 1x Muelbhauer Diecut Punch
  • 1x Muelbhauer Collator
  • 1x Muelbhauer RFID/Smart card encoder
  • 1x Muelbhauer RFID/Smart card Inlay Machine
  • 1x Muelbhauer RFID/Smart card chip embedder Machine
  • 3x Automatic Foil Stampers
  • 2x Automatic Embossing Machnines
  • 2x NBS Embossing Machines
  • 1x Inkjet Machine
  • 4x Custom Automatic Punchers
  • 4x NBS Thermal and Encoding Printers
  • 11x Zebra Thermal and Encoding Printers
  • 5x Magnetic Stripe Tape Laying Machines
  • 2x Automatic Collating Machines
  • 2x Label Machines
  • 1x Kingscience Inspection Machine
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