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Custom printed barcode cards

Full-Service Barcode Card Supplier

Barcodes are a series of wide and narrow bars that can be scanned. There are many different types of barcodes, the most common is the Universal Product Code or UPC code that you see on items purchased in stores. You can scan a barcode with your barcode scanner and it will bring up the information stored on your POS system. In addition to being a manufacturer of barcode gift cards, we also apply barcodes to membership cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, and custom key tags. 

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Including a human readable number on your plastic barcode card makes it easy to manually type in the number associated with the barcode card should your scanner be unavailable. As longtime barcode card manufacturers, all we need to know is the type of barcode you’ll need, easily determined by contacting your POS scanner provider.

Barcode Card Types

  • Code 39: Capable of encoding uppercase letters A-Z; digits 0-9; and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%) and plus (+).
  • Code 128: This is an alphanumeric symbol capable of encoding digits 0-9, upper and lowercase letters A-Z, and all standard ASCII symbols. Code128 is variable length—the more characters, the larger the barcode symbol will be on the finished plastic card.
  • Code 93: Capable of encoding the exact same characters as normal Code 39 barcode cards; uppercase letters A-Z; digits 0-9; and special characters such as SPACE, minus (-), period (.), dollar sign ($), slash (/), percent (%), and plus (+).   The only difference is that this barcode symbol is more compact.
  • UPC-A: This fixed-length, numeric-only symbol must contain 12 digits. The first eleven digits are supplied by the customer. The twelve “check digit” is a calculated number based on the preceding numbers.
  • EAN_JAN-13: This fixed length, numeric-only symbol is similar to the UPC-A, but encodes 13 characters instead of 12.
  • EAN_JAN-8: This fixed-length; numeric-only symbol is a compressed version of the UPC-A.  All bar code cards must contain 6 digits and because the UPC-E is used for the number system, all symbols must begin with a zero.
  • UCC_EAN128: This symbol is capable of encoding the same characters as a normal Code 128 barcode; digits 0-9; upper and lowercase letters A-Z; and all standard ASCII symbols. However, the UCC/EAN 128 Barcode formats the data in a different way so that the type of information encoded can be identified. This is done with application identifiers. These 2, 3, or 4 digit numbers are enclosed in parenthesis and identify the type of data that follows.
  • UPC_E: This fixed-length; numeric-only symbol is a compressed version of the UPC-A.  All barcodes must contain 6 digits, and because the UPC-E is used for the number system zero, all symbols must begin with a zero.
  • CodaBar: Capable of encoding digits 0-9 as well as six special characters, (-) dash, (:) colon, (.) period, ($) dollar sign, (/) slash and (+) plus. The start/stop characters A, B, C, and D can also be included on each bar code card.
  • Interleaved2of5: This is a numeric-only barcode card type that must contain an even number of digits.
  • MSI_Plessey: This variant of the Plessey barcode is capable of encoding the digits 0-9 and is variable length.
  • PostNET: This numeric-only symbol is capable of encoding digits 0-9 and can be printed as a 5-digit PostNET barcode, a 9-digit Zip+4 PostNET barcode, or a 9-digit DPBC PostNET barcode.


Barcode Code 39

Sequential Numbering: Just give us a starting number, and we will create your barcodes sequentially.

Barcode UPC-A

Random Numbering: As full-service barcode card manufacturers, we only require a spreadshheet file (e.g. Excel, CSV) to create bar code cards using the human readable numbers you supply us. The required format for these numbers is available from your POS supplier.


We’re not just a barcode card printer. If you already have barcode-ready cards that are printed and need barcodes, we can do what other barcode card suppliers can’t. Whether barcode membership cards, barcode gift cards, plastic barcode tags, or any other other type of barcode cards, just send your cards to our office, and we can thermal print any barcode onto your card.

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