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Archive for the ‘Identification Badges’ Category

Six ID Badge Design Tips

Plastic ID Badge with Lanyard Hole

Superior ID badge design combines three elements: content, security and layout. An ID card with an attractive layout may lack appropriate security features, making it easier to duplicate. Or, an ID badge that has strong security features may lack a clear photo, making it more difficult to authenticate. Here are six ID card design tips […]

Identification Card Care and Protection

As identification cards and ID readers become more sophisticated, it’s important that you use common sense when it comes to protecting your cards. Most of today’s high-tech, electronic versions of the traditional personal identification card (driver’s license, work badge, etc.) include not only a photo, but also a magnetic stripe and/or a smart card chip. […]

A Quick Q&A on Identification Badge Ordering

With the need for heightened security at many business locations and special events, I often get questions about identification badges and how to produce them using the latest plastic card printing techniques. With that in mind, I have put together this Q&A list that you can refer to when ordering personalized name badges of any sort. What’s […]

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