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How to Choose a Plastic Card Supplier

Best ChoiceYou’ve decided to make the switch from paper to plastic for your business cards, gift cards or membership cards. But how do you go about choosing a supplier for your new plastic cards? We’ve put together a list of the four most important considerations when choosing a plastic card supplier to help you compare apples to apples.

1. Turnaround

When contacting a prospective plastic card supplier either online or by phone, ask about their turnaround time. In the plastic cards industry, turnaround time can vary depending on the number of cards you are ordering, print options and whether you have artwork ready to go or need design assistance. Make sure you provide each company with as much information on the specifics of the card you are ordering as possible. This will help ensure that your quotes are as comparable as possible.

2. Price

Again, you will want to provide each company with the same details on exactly what you are looking for in a plastic card. Options that can affect the price of your card include the type of card (standard, die-cut, breakaway, etc.), thickness of the card, the size of the card and printing options (embossing, barcode, hologram, etc.).

3. Quality

How can you tell the quality of product when placing an order over the phone or online? Ask about the type of plastic used for making their cards. Are they using PVC, PETG or ABS plastic? And what grade? ABS offers the highest quality, and if your card needs extra durability (credit cards, ID cards, membership cards), you will want to make sure they offer ABS plastic cards. On the other hand, for a single-use card like a gift card, you will want a grade A PVC. Any reputable company will send you a sample pack of their cards. Ordering a plastic cards sample pack will allow you to feel and visually inspect and compare the quality of the company’s cards. You will want to look at the cut. Are there rounded cuts around the entire edge or are the edges rough and bumpy? What type of printer are they using? For the very finest printing quality available, make sure they’re using a Heidelberg, the best in the business.

4. Customer Service

When asking questions before you order, note how timely and friendly the company’s response is. Ask about their return and cancellation policies. If they are creating the design for you, what happens if you don’t like the design? A reputable plastic card supplier will offer unlimited design revisions. If you take into consideration these four items when comparing plastic card suppliers, you’ll have a much better chance of picking a company that will provide you with a quality plastic card and experience.

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