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Parking Permits: Why Choose Plastic?

While we’ve always offered plastic parking permits to our customers, we’re happy to say that they can now be ordered online, and fully customized to your parking management system and application. This includes custom artwork, multiple thickness and finish options, barcode, variable data, and more.

A variety of organizations utilize parking permits to restrict access and offset operational costs. These include:

  • Cities
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Businesses
  • Parking garages (monthly parking)
  • Valet services
  • Special events

Why choose plastic parking permits over paper?

  • Longevity – Plastic parking permits outlast paper — especially for repeated use — and that means less waste.
  • Usability – Plastic parking passes are easier to take on and off your rearview mirror, making them more user friendly. They also hold up better than paper when shoved in a glove box.
  • Appearance – The clean look of plastic and custom artwork enhances appearance, and your brand.
  • Fraud protection – While paper parking permits can sometimes be easily copied, plastic parking permits are more difficult to replicate.

Printing Considerations

If you’re considering plastic parking permit printing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Temperature – If you live in a warm-weather environment, choose ABS as your card material to increase longevity.
  • Die Cut – Choose a die cut shape that allows readability by parking enforcement. Standard and custom die cuts are available.
  • Fraud Protection – For added fraud protection, barcodes, serial numbers, holograms, and RFID technology can be added to permits.

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