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How To Boost Retail Profits with a Point-of-Sale Card Strategy

point of sale at cafe

If you haven’t considered a POS card strategy yet for your retail shop, you may be missing out on upsell opportunities that can affect your bottom line. Your checkout area is prime real estate in your store, and a perfect place to display POS gift cards. In this post, I’ll share three strategies for offering POS swipe cards that will help you further promote your business—and gain new customers in the process.

Enticing POS Gift Card Display

Custom-designed gift cards will catch your customers’ attention the next time they check out, and just might prompt them to purchase that gift card they’ve been meaning to buy for an upcoming birthday. Plastic gift cards have come a long way, and now you can even add scents to your plastic cards. The aroma of coffee will remind the recipient of a POS cards to check out your shop, and hopefully become a repeat customer.

Point-of-Sale Swipe Card Loyalty

POS swipe cards can also inspire brand loyalty. Keeping with the coffee theme, Starbucks is prime example of this strategy. Customers buy reloadable POS cards, register them online and suddenly they can’t help but buy more chai tea lattes in the anticipation of a “free” drink. It’s a clever—and profitable—way to add value to point-of-sale cards.

Holiday Gift Card POS Ordering

Christmas in July is pretty accurate when it comes to ordering point-of-sale cards in anticipation of holiday sales. Quality plastic card printing takes time, especially if you have any special requests, such as a hologram. Don’t be caught without enough POS swipe cards—consider placing an order now.

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