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Environmentally Friendly Plastic Card Manufacturing

Plastek Cards introduces Eco-Friendly Biodegradable plastic cards as an alternative in the manufacturing process. This process is to reduce waste of material as well as helping with the earth environment.

Recycled Plastic Membership Card

PETG Cards

PETG ( Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol ) is one of the most environmentally friendly to produce plastic cards and PETG has been wil dly used for leading plastic card retailers and credit cards. It exhibits the same characteristics as PVC plastic cards. PETG cards can be recycled without creating any harmful gases or even polluting the environment. Reasons for using P ETG for plastic cards; a wide range of innovations and tailor-made specifications thanks to the co-extrusion process, high mechanical strength and excellent flex tests with PETG and the wide spectrum of card applications can be made. Finally and more important are ecological considerations since PETG is environmentally friendly.

PLA Corn Cards

PLA plastic cards cards(or corn cards) are manufactured from corn oil (also poly lactic acid from corn) these corn cards look and feel just like the PVC cards which promises the same durability as PVC does. PLA plastic cards require 35% less energy and produce 25% less green house gas. PLA Corn cards are biodegradable and produce no toxins when destroyed during incineration, the ground and atmospheric based environmental advantages of PLA corn cards are significant. The durability, life span and printing of the PLA corn cards are very similar to PVC plastic cards. PLA corn cards are a new family of our eco-friendly biodegradable plastic cards.

ABS Plastic Recycled Cards

This process is to reduce waste of PVC material as well as extra sheet materials. The ABS plastic recycled cards are manufactured with the same high quality printing and personalization processes used on our standard PVC plastic cards. This product is from 100% recycled product and about 90% recycled with magnetic stripe. If you are interested in any of these product lines, please let us know and we will be sure to supply your cards with our environmental friendly materials.

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