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PETG, ABS Are Your Tickets to Eco-friendly Plastic Cards

I know plastic, including the PVC that we use to manufacture our plastic cards, has a bad reputation in certain circles, but there is a good side you don’t often hear about. It turns out that PVC is a poster child for sustainability among plastics. Made from more than 50 percent chlorine, or common salt, PVC production requires less oil and less energy than other forms of plastic. Plus, mechanical PVC recycling methods are advancing more and more each year.

But, if you’re still not sure if plastic card printing is right for your business and right for the environment, let me take the whole idea of eco-friendly plastic cards to another level: PETG and ABS plastic.

So, what is PETG and why should you consider it for your plastic cards? Interestingly enough, PETG is made from polyester (to be precise, thermoplastic copolyester) not PVC, and it is 100 percent recyclable AND biodegradable. Yet, it still acts a lot like PVC, so it’s pretty tough and resists impact. Printing with PETG is easy and designs look great! PETG cards are only about $0.06 more per card than PVC. Check out how great the designs look on PETG:

Plastic cards made from PETG plastic PETG plastic cards are biodegradable







ABS cards are also a great alternative to PVC ones. ABS, too, is 100 percent recyclable and is itself made from recycled plastic. And, get this – it’s even more durable than PVC. Depending on the temperature where the card is stored, an ABS card won’t snap in half the way a PVC card will. Plus, ABS cards are only about $0.03 more per card than PVC. You’ll love how good your designs look on ABS:

ABS plastic card printing servicesABS plastic cards are made from 100% recycled materialEnvironmentally conscious choice for plastic cards - ABS plastic







ABS and PETG will work for any type of card, including plastic business cards, credit cards, smartcards and more. And, if you choose to go this route, you can let people know about your choice by incorporating an earth-friendly logo into your design.

With environmentally friendly plastic cards, you certainly do have affordable options. It’s simple to promote your business and do what’s best for the earth!

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