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Gift Cards


Custom Gift Card Printing

Custom gift cards for business are a proven way to extend market share and drive sales. We provide plastic gift card printing services to national chains, as well as custom gift cards for small businesses. Allow one of our gift card design specialists to design the perfect gift cards for your business, or select from our extensive selection of pre-designed plastic gift cards. We can also utilize existing artwork to create your gift card.

Personalized Gift Cards That Work With Your Existing POS System

Custom gift cards are not just for major retailers. Personalized gift cards can be created for any type of business. Most businesses utilize a point-of-sales system, also known as a POS. Many POS companies offer gift cards to their customers, which are purchased from a plastic card manufacturer and resold to their customers. What many businesses don’t realize is that they can also purchase fully personalized gift cards directly from the manufacturer. Benefits of custom reloadable gift cards include: encouraging repeat shopping and customer loyalty, the likelihood that customers will spend beyond the gift card value, and avoiding the need for cash refunds.

Gift Cards For Small Business and National Brands

Although Plastek Cards provides custom plastic gift cards to national retailers, we also make gift cards for small business, with minimum order quantities starting at just 50 cards. Since our paper and plastic gift cards work with virtually every POS system, even small businesses can offer their customers the same convenience and gift-giving opportunities as large retailers. In fact, we currently manufacture custom plastic gift cards for independent merchants in every retail industry, including restaurants, clothing and jewelry stores, e-commerce websites, car washes, chiropractors, dentists, health clubs, nail and beauty salons, and more.

Why Choose US For Your Custom Plastic Gift Cards?

At Plastek Cards, we have built our reputation on providing the highest quality gift cards at affordable prices. In fact, we guarantee that your gift cards will be made with 100% accuracy. Don’t take our word for it, see what hundreds of customers have said about the quality, service, and price they have received from Plastek Cards.

Custom Gift Card Options

  • Size: CR80 (standard), PC1378 (Business Card Size)
  • Thickness: 30 mil (standard), 18 mil, 12 mil
  • Material: White PVC, Black PVC, ABS Recycled, Clear, PETG
  • Finish: Overlay (Gloss), Frosted, Matte, Scented, More
  • Artwork: Customer Supplied, Design Services
  • POS Interface: Magnetic Stripe, Barcode
  • Embossing: Random, Sequential
  • Foil: Hot Foil Stamp, Digital Metal
  • Ink: Four Color Process, PMS Color, Metallic, Fluorescent

(Important information about magnetic stripe cards)

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