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Athos POS Premium


An Alternative Payment Solution

The Athos Cards software is a marketing solution that manages gift and rewards programs with 2 things in mind: customization and ease of use. Its fully customizable back office is robust and extensive, where you can create and manage a program specific to your business requirements, like providing reports and data tracking.

Our Gift and Loyalty Solutions can help your business:

  • Manage multiple locations with one log-in
  • Create customized loyalty programs to fit your business needs
  • Create card numbers or import existing card set
  • Produce your own promotion and marketing
  • View and manage customers across multiple locations
  • Share same loyalty programs from multiple locations
  • Allow multiple tiers of access for each location to manage specific programs

Our software provides:

  • Detailed and easy to read reports
  • Remote access to manage your gift or loyalty program anytime, anywhere
  • Simplified front-end user interface that provides quick learning curve for employees
  • Easy to configure security settings to assign different roles to different employees
  • A complete system that can be implemented as a self-contained unit to minimize overhead costs
  • Seamless integration with our other POS solutions (retail, hospitality and beauty industry).

Athos Chronos-A100 Terminal


The Athos Chronos-A100 is a durable POS system that is iP43 certified and has an aluminum casing with nanotechnology coating that resists water and dust. Its built-in thermal printer and wi-fi capability offers both convenience and flexibility.


  • 17″ color touchscreen display
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Built-in wi-fi adapter
  • Runs on Windows 7 Professional
  • Waterproof ergonomic card reader
  • Ultra-quiet fanless design

Athos POS Premium CC

Credit card processing is included with the Athos POS Premium CC package, reducing your monthly subscription fees and providing a single point-of-sale solution.

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