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10 Ways to Land Discounts for Your Fundraising Card

You’ve finally decided that a Fundraising Card is the best option to raise money for your organization, now what? The next step is collecting the promotions for the card. Asking for donated items or services is a lot easier then asking for money. You can offer free advertisement, and the process is stress free for the merchant. Below are 10 different suggestions of how to find companies to give offers for your fundraising card and how to get them on board.

1.Start Early
Be sure to take into account the time frame you are working with, to determine a timeline for your project. You need enough time to collect the merchants, order and receive the cards, and your selling time.

2. Target Audience
One key factor in fundraiser discount cards is to make sure you look at your target audience. Fundraiser cards are often used and sold by high school or college students. You wouldn’t want all of your promotions to aim at high end sales. It might be best for your group to brainstorm the locations that are most used by your targeted audience. This will also lead to a larger success rate for collecting merchants.

3. Training Your Team
Sending out a fundraising team that is not properly train the is the biggest reason why fundraisers fail. Once you have your team in place, show them what needs to be done. Tell them how sell the cards, or ask for donations… whatever your effort requires. Answer their questions, and provide support to them throughout the fundraising campaign.

4. Pre-Sale
Offering a pre-sale on the cards, can help with the initial costs of the fundraiser. This consists of maybe just an image of the card, where the promotions are clearly visible. You can start a sign up list and collect the money for the cards. This pre-sale money can be used to help put the deposit on the plastic cards. Additionally you can send follow up letters to the merchants to help build the hype of the fundraiser, by letting them know how successful this initial sale has gone.

5. Direct Mail
Collect a mailing list of local merchants. Write an introduction letter with some basic information about your organization. You also need explain your fundraiser and how it will benefit the merchant. You need to convey, the importance of their participation and involvement. Include in the mailing a contract form for the merchant to fill out and mail back. Remember to include the return envelope with the postage, to make it more convenient for the business. The drawback to this method, it is the least personal way to solicit merchants, and there is the additional cost of the postage. A benefit of the mailing is reaching a large area with the least amount of work. Once the letters are out, you just sit back and wait for the responses to come to you.

6. Contracts
Dear Merchant,
To fundraise for our organization we will be selling discount cards to the local community. We would like to offer your business FREE advertising which will increase sales and customers to your business! To participate, please fill out the merchant portion below.
1. Contact Information
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Locations Participating:
2. Discount on the Card – please circle and fill in promotion you would like to use
1. Buy(item)__________at Regular Price get (item)________free.
2. _____% off any purchase
3. Other. Please fill in the offer that you would like to provide.

My store will accept the following offer specified on the card and honor them for one year from print (unless another expiration was requested by
the organization). I grant FastTrack Fundraising full permission to put the store’s logo on the card and to include our store as a past vendor.
Name: _______________________________________ Title:______________________________
Authorized Signature: ________________________________________
Date: _____/______/______

7. Cold Calling
Often times cold calling can be scary and intimidating. However, with a simple script you can help simplify the task. Remember to inform your team to keep a positive attitude, and telephone scripts are meant to be heard, not read.

8. Scripts
Our group is raising money for (________________) by selling community discount
cards. We would like to add your business to our discount card fundraising program. All
we need is an offer from your business, such as “10% off xxx”. We will place this offer
on the discount cards, which will be distributed to the community at NO CHARGE to
Your benefits are:
• Free advertising
• Increased traffic to your establishment
• Positive word of mouth in the community
• Repeat visits and more purchases
Would you like to support us and advertise your business?

9. Visit the Merchants
Have a group or individuals visit the merchants. This is a great way to build relationships with the merchant, and build moral for the fundraiser. Before you visit the establishment, make sure that you have a promotion in mind for that particular business. Asking for a specific discount or promotion is more effective than just asking them to help. Always be courteous, direct and brief.

10. Thank –You Cards
After your fundraiser is over, follow up with each merchant! Be sure to write thank you cards, and tell them how much you appreciate their support .
Dear Company,
We would like to thank you and your company for the supporting our fundraiser. The discount cards were a huge success, and that would not have been possible without your help. The cards funds will be used to ________ so you are truly making a difference in our community. Thank you so much!

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