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How To Use Plastic Fundraising Cards To Raise Money Quickly

Personalized Plastic Fundraising CardIf you are planning a fundraiser for your organization, using plastic fundraising cards can help you raise money faster and more easily than traditional methods. Selling wrapping paper, magazines and chocolates worked well in the past, but today’s consumer is looking for convenience and immediate gratification, which cannot be accomplished by waiting for product to arrive in the mail. Using plastic cards gives your organization a chance to give buyers a practical item they can use immediately, which will significantly increase the rate at which they buy your cards. Here are a few ideas you should consider when using a plastic card printing service to help set up your next fundraiser.

  • Create fundraising cards that have an ongoing benefit. A good example of this is the “buy one get one free card.” Businesses love these offers because it brings them a steady stream of repeat customers without any upfront expenses. Your buyers love them because they are getting a deal. If a business expresses interested in making it a limited offer, you can order plastic cards with scratch off squares on the back to indicate how many times it has been used.
  • Create a “double your money” fundraising card, where a buyer pays a certain amount for the card, which is worth double the purchase price when brought to the business. Businesses know that getting customers in the door is a costly process. If a local shop spends $25 in upfront advertising to get a customer in the door, you could offer a double-your-money $10 fundraising card. You raise $10 for your organization, the buyer takes home a card with a $20 value, and the business saves $5 in customer acquisition costs. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone.
  • Create a fundraising card that offers an increasingly attractive deal with multiple visits. For example, the card can give 10% off of the first visit, 20% off of the second visit, 30% off of the third visit, all the way up to a free offer. This is an attractive way for businesses to encourage customers to return again and again in a short period of time for essentially the same overall cost of a “buy one get one free” offer. Again, you can use scratch-off squares to show which discounts have been used by the buyer.

Fundraising is a highly effective way to keep money flowing into your organization all throughout the year, and to do it right requires that you come up with creative ways of attracting customers for the businesses who offer the discounts. People are more likely to buy when offers are unique and original rather than the “same old things” that they are presented with every year. Because plastic fundraising cards can be printed in a variety of attractive ways, they give you the opportunity to make customized offers that you can change as often as you like, helping you make your next fundraising effort the best one ever.

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