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Using Key Access Cards To Make Your Business Run More Smoothly

Many modern-day businesses are making the switch from using standard metal keys to manage access in and out of their buildings and switching over to plastic key cards. Making the transition to key cards is a smart move for business owners, as it allows them to not only protect their bottom line through greater security, but also to reduce expenses through the advantages of the plastic card and the magnetic stripe on it. If your business hasn’t made the switch to plastic key cards, here are a few good reasons to consider doing it as soon as you can.

Plastic Key Cards Add Security To Your Business

  • If theft occurs at your office after hours, standard metal keys will offer you no help in discovering who the culprit is. Plastic key cards, on the other hand, are encoded with the identifying information of the employee, so you won’t be left guessing.
  • Traditional metal keys can be easily copied, taking access to your building out of your control. Plastic key cards, on the other hand, are not easy to duplicate, and the fact that they are linked personally to an employee would discourage one from attempting to.
  • If an employee becomes hostile to your business or other employees, his key would give him easy access to your facility. Even if he is terminated, if he refuses to return the key you are faced with a significant security risk.< With plastic key cards, however, access can be disabled immediately for the employee, protecting your company and the people who work for it.

Plastic Key Cards Help Keep Expenses Down

  • If an employee of your business loses a metal key, your building is no longer secure. Changing locks can be an expensive and time consuming task – and the frequency of lost keys increases as your business grows and hires new people. When you make the switch to plastic key cards, on the other hand, you can simply disable access for the lost key card and create a new one for your employee, saving time and money.
  • Theft and vandalism is a very real threat to your company’s bottom line. Keys offer your employees anonymity and give you no protection against after-hours events. However, employees who know that their building entry time can be tracked via their key card will be much less likely to steal from or do damage to your company.
  • The printable plastic surface of your key card is the perfect place to put important contact information such as office numbers, website addresses, emergency contact information and other details that employees might need to refer to again and again. By printing this information there, you can cut down calls to the main desk and help employees get the information you need themselves, rather than taking up some other person’s time.

Traditional metal keys have been the standard for hundreds of years, but in today’s world they are quickly becoming a relic of the past. For the security of your business, as well as the bottom line, discover how to use plastic key cards to your advantage.

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