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Essential Elements of a Memorable Business Card

There are many essential elements of a memorable business Card. At Plastek we offer a wide range of options to customize the card to your particular needs. From clear plastic cards to custom die cuts your selections are endless. Below you will see images and explanations on how different features can make you business card unforgettable.

Clear PVC
Using clear pvc is one way to make sure your business cards are kept and valued. They definitely command attention. What often surprises people is that, we can print full color front and back. Depending on how the artwork is designed, you can “cut out” text and images so that it remains clear in those sections. Using clear pvc plastic, you can also create a smoked effect for the background. We can achieve this by offset printing any background color that you like. Layered cards are also becoming a trend. The layered cards can make certain images “pop out” of the card. We are using a clear material by printing front and back and layering the artwork files, this creates an effect that can only be achieved on our clear stock.

Foil Stamping
Foil Stamping is accomplished by hot pressing a foil material on to the card. Most people like to highlight logos, text and design details. Our foil stamping looks best applied to a frosted finish on the card to help create a smooth appearance. We offer a full line of foiling colors, let us know what color your looking for and we can do it!

UV coating is standard on all cards, which reflects a glossy finish to the card. Adding a frosted finish creates a smoothing effect, which could be compared to frosted pane of glass. Our matte finish has a grainy texture to the touch, and is a popular choice. Both of these finishes will help increase the life of your card, and minimize the visibly of the scratches.

Die Cuts
In the plastic world, a standard card is the dimensions of a credit card, 3 3/8” x 2 1/8”. If you are wanting to break the mold, and excellent choice is creating custom die cut card. Just provide the dimensions and an image, and we can create it. Plastek Cards also makes this an affordable option, and our minimum run is just 50 cards. We have had clients create cards to reflect their business. For example an electrician made cards in the dimension of a light bulb, a pizza company’s card reflects a piece of pizza, and a golf manufacture made golf bag tags.

Metallic Inks
Using metallic inks can help create a shimmery appearance to the card. From gold and silver backgrounds to applying a standard metallic shimmer to any background color. These inks can also help with determining membership levels, for example gold, Platinum and basic.

We offer 12mil, 18mil and 30mil for the thickness of your business card. 12mil is most like the thickness of a paper business card. 30mil is the standard thickness of a credit card. When determining which is right for you, there are a few thing to consider. How many cards will you be passing out? Are you carrying the cards in your wallet? Which thickness will work best with your clientele? Typically for business cards people lean towards the 12mil or 18mil.

I have listed just a couple options that we have. Please make sure to check out the “Options” section on our website to explore everything we offer.

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