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How Greenpath Recovery used Plastic Business Cards to Boost their Brand

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Headquartered outside of Los Angeles, with locations in Dallas and Las Vegas, Greenpath Recovery is a full-service recycler, processor, and plastic manufacturer. For more than a quarter of a century, Greenpath has helped companies maintain accountability over their recycling programs with a unique closed loop system that processes recycled materials into raw materials and finished […]

Funko’s Funky Spot UV Business Cards

Raised Ink Business Card

Everett, Washington-based Funko sells products that are fun, familiar, and a little bit funky, as you might expect from a part of the country that produced counterculture-turned-pop-culture originals like grunge music and Nirvana. From its beginnings as a bobblehead manufacturer — a product that remains in its lineup — Funko now bills itself as a […]

Design 41: Die Cut Plastic Business Cards with Miami Style

Plastic business card with brushed metal finish

Combining geometric shapes and ultra-modern styling, Design 41 is an upcoming restaurant, office and retail development in Miami’s famed Design District. According to Design District Development Partners, the project’s owner, Design 41 is “a nexus of creative activity for visually sophisticated consumers and professionals.” Any business card that represents such a design-focused project would have […]

Adlucent Thinks Outside the Box with Square Business Cards

Austin, Texas based Adlucent is a digital advertising agency that helps businesses connect with customers through paid search, product ads, mobile and other channels. Using proprietary software that identifies businesses most valuable customers, Adlucent has attracted the attention of online retailers who seek their help, and industry thought leaders who sing their praises. Adlucent is […]

Spot UV Business Card Roundup

Spot UV Business Card Red

Winning business card designs reach far beyond rudimentary logo and layout considerations, balancing surface texture with shape, color and ink to create contrast and flow. One design choice that is sometimes called upon to achieve this objective is spot UV coating, which adds sheen and color depth when applied to card surfaces. When used on […]

NFC Business Cards Create Content Opportunities

NFC Business Card Trade Show

You may have heard the term “NFC,” and maybe have an inkling that it has something to do with wireless communication. Although NFC, which stands for near field communication, has been around a while, the introduction of Apple Pay put NFC technology in the spotlight. NFC doesn’t just enable contactless payment systems, however. It can […]

Custom Metal Business Cards Impress

Stainless Steel Business Card Full Screen Print Orange

First impressions are prime opportunities in business, and your business card plays a starring role. Smart professionals have leveraged the unique design opportunities offered by plastic, including clear card stock and uncommon textures. Now, metal business cards are providing a new level of visual and tactile engagement. Available in a variety of finishes, including stainless […]

Die Cut Plastic Business Cards

Square Plastic Die Cut Business Card

Printing on plastic offers a number advantages, including durability, translucency, and the ability to create crisp die cut shapes. If you’re new to print lingo, die cuts are custom shapes and cutouts that deviate from the standard business card form factor. Well-integrated die cuts can add dimension to your design, strengthening brand identity. Here’s a few […]

The Advantages of Using Plastic Business Cards

If you’ve started a new business,  plastic business cards are one of the best choices you can make to represent your new endeavor. They work great in leaving a lasting impression on the customer’s mind, and they help in the growth of the business or organization. Business cards have always been among the most successful marketing […]

5 Unique Plastic Business Card Ideas

With the advent of new technology and social networking, some say the business card is dead. We disagree. Even though you can connect with people on the spot via social networking apps on your smartphone, in real life when you’re busy talking with a new contact you most likely won’t immediately look them up and […]

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