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5 Unique Plastic Business Card Ideas

With the advent of new technology and social networking, some say the business card is dead. We disagree. Even though you can connect with people on the spot via social networking apps on your smartphone, in real life when you’re busy talking with a new contact you most likely won’t immediately look them up and […]

Scented Plastic Cards: Unique Plastic Card Printing Options Part 1

Have you ever smelled something and the scent triggers a memory? Each time I smell the scent of lavender, it triggers warm and fuzzy memories of my grandmother. Her house always smelled of lavender. And, who doesn’t love the smell of a new car? Or get hungry when smelling the scent of hamburgers cooking on a […]

Why You Should Make the Switch to Plastic Cards

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ve probably looked into or handed out business cards. And most likely it’s been paper or maybe a paper laminated card. What you may not have considered are the advantages of using PVC plastic cards to promote your business. In this week’s post, I’ll […]

What You Need to Know About Die-cut Business Cards

Among the many types of plastic card printing that I’ve managed during my 30 years in this industry, I think die-cut cards are among the most interesting from a visual perspective. Whatever shape or design you can dream up, there’s a printer out there who can make that dream come true. This printing technology is […]

It’s Clear! Transparent Cards Make a Great First Impression

There are lots of different types of plastic cards and plastic card printing choices – from the simple matte vs. glossy finish to the higher-end foil stamping and holograms. But one type of design that I think really stands out is the clear card. Created using 100-percent clear PVC, they are just as versatile as […]


This new card template can be used for a variety of themes and features the clear card option. The color, layout and fonts can be completely customized to match your organization’s brand.


This template is perfect for fine wine connoisseurs! The card can be customized with raised ink or printed regular.  

Go Green! Our New Plastic Card Template Harmonizes with Nature

If your product or service is earth friendly then this plastic card template may be for you! The card was designed to be a membership card but also works perfectly for business cards, gift cards or any type of promotional card.


This card template would work perfectly for any ocean theme. The card was designed with the idea of using raised ink for the bubbles but can be just printed regular as well.

Try Fresh, Modern Design for Your Plastic Cards

This bold, new plastic card template was designed to be a membership card but would also work perfectly for business cards, gift cards or any of your plastic card needs! You can also customize the color, layout and fonts of the design.

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