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Die-cut Crystal Ink Plastic Cards Ideal for Business

Give your plastic business cards a sharp new look with our die cut, crystal ink template! You can add your own logo, colors and many other features to make it your own. Talk about a great first impression!

Die-cut Clear Business Cards Make Impressive First Impression

Looking for a plastic business card design that really is cutting edge? Try our customizeable, clear die-cuts with crystal ink! You can choose virtually any color and add your company’s logo, all at an incredible affordable price. Check out our other plastic card templates! Or learn more details about die-cut business cards from our recent […]

Plastic Cards with Crystal Ink Offer Unique Look

If you’re looking for a unique looking plastic card that will wow your colleagues or customers, try one of our crystal ink templates. They are perfect for business cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and much more! Each card will feature your logo, your choice of colors and any other plastic card options you’d like to […]

Try the Layered Look for Your Plastic Cards

Customize your own plastic business card with this new layered template! In this design, the buildings will appear behind the color stripes and contact info but in font of the background, giving it a three dimensional look. You are free to add your own logo, choose your own colors and select from a wide variety […]

Get Dazzled by Dots with Our Exclusive Plastic Card Template

Looking for a way to distinguish your plastic business cards? Try our dazzling dots! And the best part is that you get to choose your color, your plastic card printing options and your logo. Want to see more? Check out all our plastic card templates.

Get Wavy with Your Plastic Business Cards

Catch the wave with this latest custom, clear plastic business card design we’ve developed. Clean and vibrant, this business card is sure to impress everyone at your next business networking event. Customize it with your colors, logo and preferred options. Looking for even more options? View our plastic card templates page.

It’s Clear! Transparent Plastic Cards Look Fantastic

Want awesome transparent plastic business or gift cards? Try this cool, clear plastic cards template. Whatever your colors or logo, we can make the exact card you want, even adding a mag stripe, barcode and more!

Sleek Plastic Card Template Features Up-to-date Look

Want a business card that looks cutting-edge? Try this blue, silver and black combo with smooth lines and a contemporary look. Want different colors? We can do that? Need a barcode, mag stripe or smart card? We can do that, too. We’ll be happy to help you design the custom plastic card you’ve always wanted. […]

Essential Elements of a Memorable Business Card

There are many essential elements of a memorable business Card. At Plastek we offer a wide range of options to customize the card to your particular needs. From clear plastic cards to custom die cuts your selections are endless. Below you will see images and explanations on how different features can make you business card […]

General Contractors & Plastic Cards

I recently got the privilege to work with a national recognized and accredited general contractor, 1 G.R. Builders. This business dominates central Ohio for residential and commercial construction. This company prides itself on quality craftsmanship, exceptional pricing and a commitment to their clients that is unsurpassed by any other company in their industry. When Plastek Cards was […]

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