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Spot UV Business Card Roundup

Winning business card designs reach far beyond rudimentary logo and layout considerations, balancing surface texture with shape, color and ink to create contrast and flow.

One design choice that is sometimes called upon to achieve this objective is spot UV coating, which adds sheen and color depth when applied to card surfaces. When used on plastic business cards, spot UV can be combined with clear and translucent material, providing design options that supersede those available with paper card stock.

Here’s our roundup of exceptional spot UV business card applications:

Spot UV Business Card Red

Spot UV Background Pattern

Spot UV Business Card Green

Spot UV Font

Spot UV Business Card with Foil

Spot UV with Foil Stamp

Spot UV Business Card Reverse

Spot UV with Reversed Image

Spot UV Business Card Fade

Spot UV Logo Image

Spot UV Business Card on White

High Contrast Spot UV

Thermography Plastic Business Card

Raised Ink (Similar to Spot UV)

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