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Design 41: Die Cut Plastic Business Cards with Miami Style

Plastic business card with brushed metal finish

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Combining geometric shapes and ultra-modern styling, Design 41 is an upcoming restaurant, office and retail development in Miami’s famed Design District. According to Design District Development Partners, the project’s owner, Design 41 is “a nexus of creative activity for visually sophisticated consumers and professionals.” Any business card that represents such a design-focused project would have to be special, and we think Design 41 hit the mark. Here’s how:

Minimalist Design

Sometimes less says more. Like many of the garments designed by Miami Design District tenants, such as Burberry and Armani, Design 41’s business cards were created with a sense of refined style. In fact, look past the logo, and there is very little graphic design happening here. Instead, the card’s visual impact is a result other factors like layout and finish. In this case, a simulated brushed metal surface we call a “laced finish.” This strategy amplifies their brilliant brand messaging: Work | Shop | Design | Aspire: 8 Levels of Artful Design.

Superior Material

They chose plastic, not paper, as their medium. By itself, this choice likely sets Design 41’s business card apart from the majority of its competitors. Though affordable and durable, plastic business cards aren’t yet ubiquitious. Custom plastic business cards are every bit as versatile as paper when it comes to design, and then some. How many paper business cards can incorporate clear or translucent elements into a design?

Negative Space

Custom die cut business cards come in all shapes and sizes. They can be square, they can be rectangular, and they can also be punched out like Design 41’s logo. The big advantage to choosing plastic over paper with a punched out design is structural integrity. The combination of rigidity and flexibility offered by plastic far surpasses what is available with paper cards.

As Design 41 continues its journey to becoming a Design District fixture, its business cards will represent a clean and modern look in a city that’s known for style.

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