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How Greenpath Recovery used Plastic Business Cards to Boost their Brand

Clear Plastic Business Cards

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Headquartered outside of Los Angeles, with locations in Dallas and Las Vegas, Greenpath Recovery is a full-service recycler, processor, and plastic manufacturer. For more than a quarter of a century, Greenpath has helped companies maintain accountability over their recycling programs with a unique closed loop system that processes recycled materials into raw materials and finished products.

Greenpath not only created a system to make businesses greener, they created a brand that is synonymous with green accountability, and plastic business cards to represent that brand.

The Plastic Brand

The Greenpath card doesn’t just showcase their brand, it is their brand. Made of recyclable plastic, Greenpath’s business card embodies their brand rather than alluding to it. Their choice of plastic — though seemingly obvious — was inspired in a business climate where paper cards are the norm and plastic business cards are far from ubiquitous.

A Clear Contrast

When it comes to clear business cards, it’s all about contrast in moderation. It’s easy to get enticed by the clarity of the card material, and want to show it off in a big way. However, showing it off in a small way is typically more impactful. Greenpath knew this going in, and designed a card emphasizing a clear path to a greener environment, providing maximum (but tasteful) contrast to the card’s green base.

Thinking Green

Since 1970, when the first Earth Day was celebrated, the word “green” has evolved from a movement into a marketing catchphrase representing more than $290 billion worth of products and services. This has made “green” a household word, and a branding element that delivers goodwill to consumers. The power of green is not lost on Greenpath, who leverage it in their name, corporate colors, and logo, while making it the dominant graphical element on their business cards

From their choice of material to their judicial use of clear card elements to the bold representation of their brand, a lot can be learned from Greenpath’s end result. However, arguably the greatest contributor to their success is the element of surprise. It’s delivering something unexpected and fresh in business communication like only clear plastic business cards can do.

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