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How To Use Plastic Business Cards To Get Noticed

In the past trading business cards has always been the typical way of getting into a prospect’s contact list. But times have changed. Cards are traded back and forth so often that many have become numb to them, collecting them in stacks on desks or filing them away into wallets, never to be looked at again, until they get cleaned out and tossed into the trash. Today, in order to stand out, be noticed, and get callbacks from the people you want to connect with, it’s more important than ever to have a business card that’s memorable enough to make people want to get in touch with you again and again.

Plastic business cards are an excellent way to stand out from the competition from the moment you place one in a new contact’s hand. Since few people leverage the powerful visual and psychological effects of a non-traditional business card, you can make it easier to create the powerful first impression you need to be remembered. Just think of the times you have received a card that was a little out of the ordinary, and reflect on how you still can remember it after all that time.

Here are a few ways you can use the power of plastic to make your calling card unforgettable as well.

  • Make use of a great visual effect on the front of your card. If a people find your card attractive, they will be much more likely to hold on to it. In fact, a well designed card is often shown to friends and other business contacts long after your initial meeting. But unlike traditional paper cards that wear easily, your plastic card will look crisp and neat for a long time to come. Consider for a moment how profitable it would be if your callback rate doubled or tripled, and you’ll see why investing in a compelling design for your card can be a real business-booster.
  • Make it effortless for a contact to remember who you are and what you do the first time they look at the card. If you have a professional-quality picture of yourself, you can include it on the front along with a short line about what you do that goes beyond your professional title. This way, your contact will be able to associate a face to your name as well as a general idea of what you offer. This is a powerful way to achieve “top of mind” status with them so your name is the first one they think of when your services are needed.
  • Don’t just give out information – let your card become a true conversation starter. While this can be difficult to do with a traditional paper card, plastic business cards with their double-sided nature make this easy to accomplish. On the back of the card, you can create reasons for your contact to call you quickly, whether for a free price quote or a sample consultation to find out if your services are the right fit for them. You could also feature quotes from satisfied customers, or include a special coupon code that compels them to take action. And if you’re not selling anything, the back of the card is always a great place to expand upon your personal story.

Remember, in today’s fast-paced world, it can be extremely difficult to capture people’s attention long enough to start building a long-term business relationship. By giving your contact a well-designed Plastic or laminated business card that will get them to perk up and take notice, you can make it much easier to create a memorable impression that could bring you business for years to come.

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