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Go Green! Our New Plastic Card Template Harmonizes with Nature

If your product or service is earth friendly then this plastic card template may be for you! The card was designed to be a membership card but also works perfectly for business cards, gift cards or any type of promotional card.


This card template would work perfectly for any ocean theme. The card was designed with the idea of using raised ink for the bubbles but can be just printed regular as well.

Try Fresh, Modern Design for Your Plastic Cards

This bold, new plastic card template was designed to be a membership card but would also work perfectly for business cards, gift cards or any of your plastic card needs! You can also customize the color, layout and fonts of the design.

Rewarding Your Clients with Plastic Card Solutions

With the steady rise in prices why not reward your clients with a VIP card solution or reward card solution. Rewarding your clients gives the client a feel of being appreciated, when they purchase something at your store you give them points that ends up rewarding them with a discount, merchandise or credit. Having this […]

UV light detect

UV light detection is an added security that can be featured on your plastic cards. With the growing numbers in fraudulent activity, UV light detection can help in making it harder if not impossible for your plastic cards to be duplicated. UV light detection is not visible to the human eye; however when put under […]

How To Use Plastic Membership Cards To Boost Customer Spending

Membership cards are a staple of many businesses these days – with plastic cards of all colors and varieties filling the wallets and pocketbooks of America. For many consumers, keeping a membership card can be a hassle – it’s just one more thing to carry around, and there’s not much value attached to it. Wouldn’t […]

How to Use Plastic Loyalty Cards To Increase Sales

Many businesses use paper loyalty cards to encourage customers to return multiple times to purchase their products and services. Repeat purchase programs such as “Buy 10 get 1 free” offers entice the customer by keeping them in a state of anticipation for their reward, and people simply love to see the card get punched – […]

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