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Hand-Crafted Branding, Gift Card Design, and Why NOT to be a Major Player

There’s no doubt that national restaurant chains, big box retailers, and online superstores will win on price. If independent businesses are going to be successful in carving out their piece of the pie, it will be on their own brand merits, and these have nothing to do with emulating the “big boys.” What can independent […]

Gift Card Fraud: How to Protect Against Gift Card Scams

With $124 billion in gift cards purchased by more than half of the adult population of the United States in 2014, it’s clear that gift cards have found their way into the shopping patterns of today’s consumer. While it’s important for retailers to recognize the value that gift cards bring to their balance sheets, it’s […]

Hanging Gift Cards are Mini Billboards for Carhartt

Break away hanging gift card for Carhartt

For more than 125 years, the Carhartt brand name has been synonymous with durability, performance and style. The familiar “Carhartt Brown” and iconic square logo patch communicate the Carhartt brand message more than any other imagery. That’s why Carhartt choose large-format hanging gift cards that let their clothes do the talking. Mini Billboards The additional […]

Gift Card Sleeves and Brand Messaging

Gift Cards Sleeves - Plaid

In business, your brand may be the single most important factor determining success. Brand messaging is a big part of the brand equation, and gift card sleeves are a great way to communicate brand value while providing a finished, wrapped look to your gift cards. Gift card sleeves provide additional “real estate” to connect with […]

Gift Card Holders Transform Gift Cards Into Gifts Ready for Action!

Audible Gift Card Holder

Before gift cards, people gave personalized gifts and hoped they’d be loved. Remember those? To break down gift-buying hesitancy, retailers invented the gift receipt. Now, no one had to worry about buying the wrong gift. But there was a better way for retailers to capitalize on gift-giving: the gift card. Gift cards are super portable, […]

Gift Card Design for the Holidays

Predesigned gift card design

Each year around this time, gift card demand builds, culminating in a torrent of orders in last few weeks leading up to the holidays. Call it human nature, procrastination, or short-term thinking, but delivering a winning gift card design takes time, and the best time to start thinking about your holiday gift card needs is […]

Why Custom Gift Cards for Small Business are a Must

Scented Gift Card

According to last year’s Prepaid Consumer Insights Study conducted by payment technology and services provider First Data, gift cards are more popular than ever, with 81% of the study’s 2,371 respondents reporting their intent to purchase an equal or greater number of plastic gift cards than the year previous. Custom gift cards for small business […]

POS Shopping? Don’t Forget to Ask this Question.

Athos POS Terminal - Large

When deciding on a POS solution, there’s one question that most people don’t think to ask: Can I buy my gift and loyalty cards from anyone I choose? While this may not sound as important as asking about inventory management and custom reporting, it’s a question that could save you a significant amount of money […]

Six Reasons Why Gift Cards Make Sense for Small Businesses

Gift Cards for Small Business

If you run a small business, there are a lot of ways to drive revenue. But one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line is with a gift card program. If you’re currently utilizing a point of sale (POS) system to manage your transactions, a gift card component is often built into […]

Top 5 Best Gift Card Packaging Designs

Target Gift Card Package Design

When you don’t know what to buy someone, there’s always the trusted gift card. Gift card purchasing has exploded in recent years, and retailers are more competitive than ever in their efforts to capture a larger piece of the pie. One way to attract gift card buyers is through creative package design, which enhances brand […]

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