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Gift Card Sleeves and Brand Messaging

In business, your brand may be the single most important factor determining success. Brand messaging is a big part of the brand equation, and gift card sleeves are a great way to communicate brand value while providing a finished, wrapped look to your gift cards. Gift card sleeves provide additional “real estate” to connect with customers through your brand, and supply new customers with their first, all-important brand impression.


When it comes to creating a gift card sleeve, there are a lot of choices. Design aside, there are a variety of coating options to consider, including uncoated, low gloss, medium and high gloss stocks. Which you choose can say a lot about your brand, and you will want to make your designer aware of these options before getting underway.

In addition to paper stock options, there are also surface options to consider, like spot UV, which adds a sheen to specific design elements. Spot UV gift card sleeves look great on uncoated or low-gloss paper stock, providing a high level of contrast.

We’ve assembled a list of winning gift card sleeves to get your wheels turning:

Nursery Gift Card Sleeve

Earth Tone Sleeve with Contrasting Floral Gift Card

Gift Card Sleeve with Foil Stamp

Gift Card Sleeve with Foil Stamp

Gift Cards Sleeves - Plaid

Plaid Sleeve and Matching Gift Card

Gift Card Sleeve Spot UV

Gift Card Sleeve with White-on-White Spot UV

Gift Card Sleeve - Medium Gloss

Gift Card Sleeve with Medium Gloss Finish

Generic Gift Card Sleeve

Generic Preprinted Gift Card Sleeve

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