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What Makes This Hotel Key Card Great?

For most travelers, a hotel key card is a tool—a device that serves a practical purpose, receiving little attention otherwise. For the Keating Hotel in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District, hotel key cards are more than a utility. They are an opportunity to connect guests with their brand in a way that is both tactile […]

Six Custom Hotel Key Card Considerations

Creating custom hotel key cards requires making a few important choices. Whether you require magnetic stripe key cards or RFID, proper planning will help ensure that your hotel or resort’s key cards not only look great, but also reliably get your guests into their rooms after a long day of travel. Here are a few […]

Hotel Key Cards, a Free Souvenir: Summer Travel Series, Part 2

How many times have you taken a plastic hotel key card home, either on purpose, or on accident? Our kids always thought they were a great free souvenir! Hotel key cards took root in the United States in the 1980s, and those first key cards were fairly bland, usually just featuring the hotel’s logo. Hoteliers […]

The Five Best Ways to Improve Plastic Card Security

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), identity theft and other scams cost Americans $1.52 billion in 2011. The agency states that identity theft has remained its no. 1 complaint for the past five years. For those who issue credit cards, ID cards and other types of plastic card products, this issue is top of […]

How to Use Keychain Loyalty Cards To Encourage Repeat Business

The cost of acquiring new customers is one of the most expensive things that businesses have to deal with. Getting the word out and sealing the deal on that first sale can cut into profit margins, so savvy businesses focus on compelling strategies to turn customers into repeat buyers. While there are many tools you […]

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