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Keep Em’ Coming Back: Using Gift and Loyalty Card Software To Grow Your Customer Base

If you own or manage a business and use plastic loyalty cards, you know how quickly transaction fees and card tracking expenses can add up. If you’d like to save a little moolah and simplify your customer loyalty program, then PatronPal may be just what you’re looking for.

A gift and loyalty card management software, PatronPal helps you track balances, purchases, customer demographics and more – all with no monthly service or transaction fees. All you need is a Windows-based computer system and a bar code scanner or magnetic stripe reader.

And, when you order your plastic card printing from us at Plastek Cards, we can encode them for PatronPal compatibility.

PatronPal features give you the ability to:

Activate new cards

Deduct value when a card is used

Display remaining balance on the customer receipt

Add value to an existing card

Check the balance of an existing card

Issue merchandise credit

Track number of visits and points earned per dollar spent

Obtain customer demographics

Print a custom message on the receipt

The software also offers store summary and end-of-day reports which help to reconcile sales, as well as monitor the effect that gift card sales have on your cash drawer. Find out more at the PatronPal gift card benefits page.

Start a new customer loyalty program that’s cheaper and easier to manage by ordering your PatronPal-compatible loyalty cards today.

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