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3 Tips for Gift Card Printing

plastek cards raised ink card

Plastek Cards Raised Ink Gift Card

Still not convinced that gift card printing services could boost profits at your business? Consider this: A new study by the Retail Gift Card Association found that 84.6% of respondents like receiving a gift card because they can use it to purchase what they want. It just goes to show that gift cards certainly aren’t losing any traction in the market and continue to grow as popular gift, fundraising and loyalty reward items.

We’ve shared many times how gift cards can be beneficial, including 10 creative gift card marketing ideas that can benefit your business. Hopefully we’ve shown you that printing gift cards can be a boon for business, but how do you get started with gift card printing? We’ve put together 3 tips to make sure your next custom gift card printing order delivers.

1. Choose the Right Gift Card Printing Supplier

Only interested in cheap gift card printing? You might want to re-think that strategy. The first thing you’ll want to do when looking at gift card printing companies is choose a quality gift card supplier. Not all suppliers are created equal! Is the supplier a reseller, or do they actually manufacture the cards? You’ll also want to compare the quality of the plastic gift card printing they offer. A reputable gift card supplier will offer a free sample pack of cards so that you can feel the difference in their cards.

What type of customer service do they offer when you order gift card printing? “Cheap” gift cards may not seem like such a deal if your questions and concerns can’t be answered quickly and efficiently. Are you able to call and speak with a knowledgeable representative, or will you only be able to communicate through email? Look for an experienced company whose team will partner with you and give you advice on how to make your gift card stand out from the competition.

For more information on choosing a gift card plastic printing supplier, see our recent article, How to Choose a Plastic Card Supplier.

2. Design for a Lasting Impression

Often, tips one and two are reversed. A business will design their card and then choose a supplier, but often this isn’t the best approach. If you’ve chosen an experienced supplier for plastic gift cards printing, they will become your partner and can lend their expertise in the design process, whether it’s through utilization of their design team or working with yours.

The design of your card is very important as it can have an impact on your business in several ways. If increased sales are your goal with your gift cards, printing needs to start with a good design. This draws attention to your cards, and it can assist in branding your business by making a lasting impression on the purchaser and receiver.

There are many options for making your plastic gift card unique, from choosing a frosted matte finish or partially clear card to adding a scent to your card before printing. Gift card printing can also be made more unique by using a custom die-cut instead of a standard rectangular cut. With all of the options for customizing your gift card, it’s important to partner with your supplier to ensure that your design and necessary card features such as magnetic strips, barcodes or embossing all work in harmony.

3. Timing is Everything

Quality plastic gift card printing takes time, so don’t expect to call for gift card printing services and have your custom gift cards within 48 hours. Gift card printing is something you need to plan ahead for.

Turnaround time on plastic gift card printing can vary depending on several factors including:

  • Quantity
  • Cut (standard, die cut, breakaway, etc.)
  • Card features (embossing, holograms, special finishes, magnetic strips, etc.)
  • Time of year

Time of year is one variable that can greatly impact the turnaround time of your custom gift card printing order. As you can imagine, there is a spike in gift card printing orders for the holiday season. When does that start? It actually starts soon! In general we start to see an uptick in orders beginning in July, and the numbers of orders continues to grow through the end of November. That’s not to say you can’t place an order in November, but you’re much better off planning ahead!

What questions do you have about the gift card printing process?

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