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Gift & Loyalty Cards are Not Just for the “Big Boys”

If you’re an independent retail business or a local or regional chain, you might be surprised to find out that you have the ability to accept gift cards and implement loyalty programs, just like national chains do. National chains integrate custom gift card and loyalty program components into their POS systems. However, this can be cost-prohibitive for smaller merchants and retail chains.

Plastek Cards has partnered with Athos to offer a gift and loyalty card solution that runs on any PC-based POS system, alongside your POS software. Athos also integrates directly with specific POS software products used in the retail, hospitality and beauty industry.

For merchants just starting out or looking to switch POS providers, we also offer touchscreen POS terminals and merchant processing. When you add Plastek Cards’ expertise in gift and loyalty card manufacturing, you have a complete solution.

Athos gift and loyalty POS system

Athos POSAIO100

Here are some of Athos’ features:

  • Remote cloud access for offsite management
  • Manage multiple retail locations with a single login
  • Track customer activity between retail locations
  • Create custom loyalty programs that suit your business
  • Share loyalty program information between locations
  • Generate promotions based on customer purchase behavior
  • Tiered permissions-bases access for employees
  • Simplified user interface
  • Detailed reporting

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