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10 Promotional Uses for Plastic Cards

Because almost everyone carries at least one plastic card in their wallet or purse, plastic cards are a great opportunity to create awareness for your services or products. Plastic cards allow you to promote your name and your message to the public.

Here are some ways to promote your business by using plastic cards:

Business cards. While many people use the traditional business card printed on card stock, nothing about their card really stands out except any colors or images. Make your business card stand out by printing it in high quality plastic that is both durable and strong.

Membership Cards. If your business requires a membership, consider having plastic membership cards instead of paper cards. Your membership cards can be printed on plastic that be punched when your members come into your business or purchase items in your store.

Gift Cards. For the holidays, you can create customized gift cards on durable plastic. Plastic cards can be printed on one side with your business information – logo, location, etc. – and the other side can include strips to write who it’s to, who it’s from, and how much the gift card is worth.

Loyalty Cards. To reward your frequent purchasers, consider giving them a loyalty card that gives them a certain percentage discount every time they buy from you. Consider having a “Share Your Loyalty Day” and have them bring in friends for discounts on certain days.

Key Access Cards. If your business has doors that require keys for in/out access, consider switching to a key card access. Your company’s logo can be printed on one side, and the magnetic stripe for in/out access can be printed on the other.

Prepaid Phone Cards. Use prepaid phone cards as a way to promote your business and provide long distance service to your customers or prospects. A prepaid phone card with your business logo and information doubles as a gift and a marketing tool.

Fundraising Cards. Fundraising cards are perfect for organizations that need fundraising results. These cards entitle the holder to discounts and provides the donating company with increased business. Use these to grow awareness of your business.

Key Cards. Any plastic card can be made into a key card that attaches to a key ring for easy access and visibility. Membership and loyalty cards can be made into key cards, or advertise your business or website by printing info on a key card.

Luggage Tags. Personalized luggage tags can help you identify your bag from the rest and can help promote your business. You can provide your employees with personalized luggage tags so that they’re promoting your business while traveling.

Calendar Cards. Print a calendar on one side of a plastic card and print your business information on the other. People will be inclined to keep the card for the convenience of having the calendar and will be reminded of your services every time.

    Most plastic cards are made from PVC, which is frequently used in the plastic card industry and is known for its durability and strength. For an environmentally-friendlier alternative, look into ABS recycled plastic cards, which are manufactured with the same high quality printing and personalization as our standard PVC plastic cards.

    When you’re looking to promote your business and/or services, look to plastic cards to promote that message.

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