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6 New Year’s Business Resolutions Worth Keeping

It’s that time of year, when we commit to self improvement. Whether it be going to the gym, eating better, or spending more time with family, we all want to make the coming year better than the last. Why not in business? Here are six New Year’s business resolutions that we think are worth keeping. […]

Forging a Card Reseller Relationship

Become a gift card, loyalty card, membership card dealer

A very important part of how we do business at Plastek Cards is leveraging our relationships with hundreds of resellers across North America. These resellers, also know as distributors, partner with us to sell our products to a variety of markets, including hospitality, retail, corporate, and membership organizations. By establishing a reseller account with Plastek […]

Barcode or Magnetic Stripe? Four Things to Consider.

adlelo pos terminal

  When implementing a point-of-sale or ID card system, one fundamental decision that must be made is whether to employ barcodes or magnetic stripes for card data identification. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but here are a few things to consider: Self-Service – In a self-service environment, such as a […]

Why Short Run Plastic Cards Make Sense

HP5600 Short Run Printer

In the printing world, the term “short run” means printing smaller quantities using a digital press. While price per unit can be higher, the overall cost on a short run print job is lower because the cost of plate manufacturing associated with traditional offset printing is excluded. There are other benefits to short run plastic […]

Table Tents to Parking Permits: 5 Common Paper Products that Should be Plastic

Plastic fundraising card

For hundreds of years, wood- and plant-based products have been used to create everything from signs to book covers to calling cards.  Only since World War II have modern plastics begun to replace paper.  However, there are still many paper products in existence today that would be better made with plastic. Here’s a few: Table Tents – Table tents, or tent […]

Why Many Fleet Managers Prefer Closed-Loop Fuel Cards

Fuel card manufacturing for fleet management

  In the world of fleet management, efficiency drives profits, and the overarching goal of all fleets — big and small, government or private — is managing fleet operations at the lowest possible cost. That’s why, according to closed-loop fleet fuel card management provider Multi-Service, 71 percent of fleets in the trucking industry prefer to […]

How To Boost Retail Profits with a Point-of-Sale Card Strategy

If you haven’t considered a POS card strategy yet for your retail shop, you may be missing out on upsell opportunities that can affect your bottom line. Your checkout area is prime real estate in your store, and a perfect place to display POS gift cards. In this post, I’ll share three strategies for offering […]

How Credit Card Protection Sleeves Help Your Business

I don’t know about you, but I usually carry more than one credit card in my wallet. Constantly taking it in and out—and scraping it against the card behind it—does little for the life expectancy of the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. A credit card protection sleeve can go a long way […]

PETG, ABS Are Your Tickets to Eco-friendly Plastic Cards

I know plastic, including the PVC that we use to manufacture our plastic cards, has a bad reputation in certain circles, but there is a good side you don’t often hear about. It turns out that PVC is a poster child for sustainability among plastics. Made from more than 50 percent chlorine, or common salt, […]

Vintage Look is Fresh When Used with Plastic Cards

Think vintage and plastic couldn’t possibly go together? Check out this new template with an old-world feel. It’s perfect for just about any type of plastic card printing.

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