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Why Short Run Plastic Cards Make Sense

HP5600 Short Run Printer

HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press

In the printing world, the term “short run” means printing smaller quantities using a digital press. While price per unit can be higher, the overall cost on a short run print job is lower because the cost of plate manufacturing associated with traditional offset printing is excluded.

There are other benefits to short run plastic card printing, including the ability to print on demand, faster turnaround times, and real-time customization with variable data.

There are a lot of reasons why businesses choose to print short run plastic cards, including the ability to meet tighter deadlines and update artwork frequently. It’s also a great solution when budget is an issue.

With traditional offset printing, it makes the most financial sense to print in large quantities, since much of the job cost is linked to set up, meaning the cost of setup must be covered regardless of the size of the print run. This results in comparatively modest cost savings on smaller quantities. With short run digital printing, there is no setup and the cost savings can be significant.

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