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How To Use Personalized Plastic Luggage Tags To Promote Your Business

If your business involves travel, or has customers who travel frequently, promoting your business through personalized plastic luggage tags may be a savvy move that boosts your sales. Though a luggage tag is an item that receives a relatively short span of attention, if you design yours carefully you may be surprised at how effective these little plastic cards can be at strengthening your brand and building your revenue.

Since most companies don’t use strategic marketing techniques on luggage tags, you can capitalize on the attention-getting power of a luggage tag that stands out from all the rest and provides value to the user that goes far beyond a simple place to write a name and address. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using luggage cards as a promotional tool.

  • Plastic luggage tags can be a permanent fixture on a customer’s bag, so consider that as it is seen over and over again whatever message is on it will impress itself more deeply in the customer’s mind as time goes on. Take the time to craft a simple, brief message that describes why your customer should do business with you again and again. For example, if you are a hotel chain, your message could be “Best Rates Worldwide” positioned right next to your logo. As your customer spends time waiting in the airport or packing his bags, that message becomes psychologically associated with your company.
  • Just because the plastic card your customer attaches to their bags is a luggage tag doesn’t mean it can’t also be a fantastic call to action. Consider making the luggage card double as a “preferred customer card” by including a website address and a special promotional code that will allow the customer to get a special deal. This seldom-used tactic is even more effective if the offer is one that has a greater value when combined with the customer’s travel, such as a discount for a service used when out and about.
  • Finally, personalized luggage tags are a powerful way to market to people who are learning about your company for the first time. By designing the front side of your luggage tag with a striking logo and a compelling reason to visit your website or call your company phone number, you could create a stream of valuable leads as you hand them out at trade shows, seminars or other public events. By giving prospects an enticing incentive to visit your website (such as a free information report that is relevant to them), you open up the doors to increased revenue year- round.

The vast majority of companies who use plastic cards for luggage tags design “throwaway” items that are little more than printed versions of their company logo. But by using these three marketing strategies when designing and ordering from a plastic card supplier, you can create a long-lasting promotional tool that converts prospects into first-time customers and existing customers into life-long streams of revenue.

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