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10 Promo Card Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Promotional Card Verizon

Promotional cards, sometimes referred to as discount cards, offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base and encourage repeat visits, boosting customer lifetime value. Here are some promo card ideas for new and existing businesses to help them increase traffic and transaction volume. Before the Grand Opening – There is a lot you can do […]

Why Plastic Fundraising Cards Beat Other Fundraising Ideas

Overlay Finish, Fundraising Card

According to fundraising forecaster The Atlas of Giving, charitable donations from the US reached a record $416.5 billion in 2013, a 13 percent jump over the previous year. That’s a lot of giving! In fact, the United States has been ranked the most generous nation on earth, according to the 2013 World Giving Index. If you’re […]

Promotional Products: What Happened to That Free T-Shirt?

According to a study last year by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional products provided an advertiser recall rate of 82 percent among promotional product recipients in every international city surveyed. ASI’s Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study also concluded that promotional products have a lower or similar cost per impression (CPI) than many traditional advertising […]

Custom Luggage Tags: Summer Travel Series, Part 1

Ever have this happen to you? You arrive at your destination, but your luggage doesn’t. It can be one of the biggest frustrations in travel and can put a real damper on your vacation.  Need a laugh? Take a minute to watch this funny video of comedian Rhod Gilbert on lost luggage. What’s one way […]

Creative Ways To Use Plastic Cards for Fundraising

Fundraising is a way of life for non-profit agencies, school Parent Teacher Associations and children’s clubs, and finding creative ways to raise money can become difficult. We all love getting our delivery of Girl Scout cookies every year (just don’t look at the calorie stats!), but there are other avenues for fundraising that could be […]

10 Ways to Land Discounts for Your Fundraising Card

You’ve finally decided that a Fundraising Card is the best option to raise money for your organization, now what? The next step is collecting the promotions for the card. Asking for donated items or services is a lot easier then asking for money. You can offer free advertisement, and the process is stress free for […]

Word on the Street is Sticky!

Having problems finding a good point of sales company or not quite ready for the added expenses of having the point of sales system integrated with your system now? We have different point of sales companies that we can refer you to, but while you are considering your POS options, you should check out this […]

Promote Fundraising Cards

Fundraising cards can be used as a great way to advertise as well as raise money for special events, charities, and schools. Ordering your Fundraising cards now gives you a chance to promote and gives you time to ask different companies to help sponsor your card. Fundraising cards gives local companies a chance to advertise […]

Rewarding Your Clients with Plastic Card Solutions

With the steady rise in prices why not reward your clients with a VIP card solution or reward card solution. Rewarding your clients gives the client a feel of being appreciated, when they purchase something at your store you give them points that ends up rewarding them with a discount, merchandise or credit. Having this […]

Plastic Card Displays

We are pleased to offer plastic card displays as a convenience to one stop shopping when you order plastic cards to be printed here at Plastek Cards. They are acrylic stands. Most of them are clear and we can also print out and design a display to slide into your plastic card displays. Please contact […]

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