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Word on the Street is Sticky!

Having problems finding a good point of sales company or not quite ready for the added expenses of having the point of sales system integrated with your system now? We have different point of sales companies that we can refer you to, but while you are considering your POS options, you should check out this company, which can enhance the POS you choose. That company is StickyStreet.

StickyStreet is an online resource that will create, track and manage in house gift card and loyalty card programs that is web-based which allows you to use it anywhere you have an Internet connection. StickyStreet allows you to create, manage and determine the type of program you want to offer and what type of incentives you want to give out with easy access to change or modify the programs and incentives. The five main programs or campaigns are:

  1. Point-based Campaigns – Allows you to set your own Points to Dollar Ratio, Profit Ratio, define as many promotions as you would like or as many reward levels as you want, redeem by points, dollars, or preset award levels.
  2. Gift Cards Campaigns – Amount spent will allow your clients to redeem gift cards to your business which can be spent at a later time.
  3. Buy X, Get X Free Campaigns – Allows you to set any number of products or services, set a different quantity until free for each product or service.
  4. Number of Visits Campaigns – Allows you to set as many reward levels as you want.
  5. X Dollars per Visit Campaigns – Set your own dollars earned per visit ratio.

These programs are offered without additional software, separate terminals or transaction fees. Your clients can also track their incentives by going to your website and accessing Balance Lookup which will allow them to look at their balances in real time. StickyStreet also can add a QuickEnroll link to your website that will allow your clients to enroll into your program straight from your website. StickyStreet offers a free trial to their program so you can test it out and see if this is something that you can implement into your business just visit www.stickystreet.com for more details.

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