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10 Promo Card Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Plastic Promotional Cards

Promotional cards, sometimes referred to as discount cards, offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to expand their customer base and encourage repeat visits, boosting customer lifetime value. Here are some promo card ideas for new and existing businesses to help them increase traffic and transaction volume.

Before the Grand Opening – There is a lot you can do before a grand opening to drive traffic. Promotional cards are a great way to both publicize a new business and incentivize prospective customers to give it a try. Local office buildings offer an excellent opportunity for promo card distribution. Leave a few cards with the receptionist to distribute to employees or place in the break room. HR departments also like promotional cards, which can be used as recognition gifts and incentives.

Tap Your Network – Friends, relatives and business contacts are an excellent way to get the word out about your business. In addition to using the promotional cards themselves, they can also share them with people in their network that would benefit from the products or services you offer.

Employ your Employees – Employees have their own networks that can be leveraged to drive traffic to your business. Design an area for employee initials on your cards, then encourage your employees to distribute promotional cards to people they know. The employee with the most redeemed cards receives a bonus.

Direct Mail – For a more traditional approach, consider direct mail. Though more expensive than self-distribution, direct mail offers a number of advantages, including the ability to target a large number of households within a specified geographic radius of your business. Demographic information that can assist you in reaching your target customer may also be available. A great place to start is the Direct Marketing Association’s Direct Marketing Vendor Search database, where you can find list service and mailing service companies to assist you. A good mailing service can affix your promotional card to your mailer, making it easier for customers to redeem their discount.

Flyer Distribution – Another form of direct marketing is flyer distribution. You can have your promotional card affixed to your flyer or distributed directly, without the flyer.

School Sponsorships – School PTAs are always look for fundraising idea. One of their biggest fundraising tactics are school carnivals, many of which offer sponsorships, as well s tabletop displays at the event where you can distribute promotional cards to parents.

Return Visit Offers – Chances are that you have visited a clothing retailer that has offered you “bonus bucks” at checkout for additional savings on a return visit within a specified time frame. This is done to increase the average number of repeat visits per customer, thereby increasing customer lifetime value. Promo cards are perfect for this application.

Reciprocal Agreements – If other local businesses are targeting the same customer, doesn’t it make sense to join forces? As long as you’re not offering a competitive product, reciprocal agreements can generate traffic for both businesses. Both companies provide each other with promotional cards that are placed at the point of sale, and both companies benefit from the additional exposure.

Professional Gifts – Local realtors and insurance agents are always looking for opportunities to stay in touch with customers and stand out from their competitors. Offering them promotional cards to send to customers provides them with the perfect opportunity to promote themselves, promote your business, and spread good will.

Never Leave Home without Them – Make sure that you always have your promotional cards on you. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities you will have throughout the day to hand them out. When you order your coffee, hand one to the barista. If you strike up a conversation in the checkout line at the grocery store, there’s another opportunity to hand out a promo card. People like to do business with people they know or have a personal connection with. Personally providing a promotional card to them creates an even stronger incentive for them to do business with you.


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