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Talking about Teslin®

Teslin Key Tags

Teslin Keytags on PETG

While the vast majority of the cards we produce are made from high-quality PVC, some are made from other materials, including Teslin®. Teslin paper is a synthetic substrate exclusively manufactured by PPG Industries, possessing physical properties that surpass those available in many other natural or synthetic materials.

Teslin was first used for card production in the mid-1980s, and has since found acceptance in the production of gift cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, promotional cards and more. Teslin can be laminated for additional rigidity and luster, or bonded to other materials, such as PVC.

While Teslin may not be ideal for every card application, there are a few reasons why you might consider using Teslin:

  1. Durability: Due to Teslin’s high ink absorption, printed images are “locked in,” resisting smudging and wear. Also, the Teslin substrate enables a lamination strength that is ten times stronger than other synthetic materials, according to the manufacturer. This means that any lamination applied to the material will resist peeling, while providing superior flexibility.
  2. Appearance: The same tiny pores the help lock in images also provide brilliant color reproduction while protecting variable data, such as barcodes, from damage that might alter card functionality.
  3. Magnetic Stripe/RFID Protection: The micropores in Teslin absorb static electricity buildup, further protecting magenetic stripes and other embedded electronics, which are also cushioned and insulated.
  4. Security: Teslin ID cards and badges are difficult to replicate, and can be combined with multiple security features, especially when bonded to PVC or other materials. These features include laser engraving, high-resolution color photography, and security markers.

Teslin applications include:

  • Smart Cards
  • Loyalty Cards (Including Combo Keytag Cards)
  • Gift Cards
  • Membership Cards
  • Heathcare Cards
  • Promotional Cards
  • Library Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Voter Registration Cards
  • Secure Credentials/ID Badges

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