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Get Smart About Smart Card Technology

Mass Transit RFID Contactless Smart Card

Everything is “smart” nowadays, right? You’ve got smartphones seemingly in everyone’s hands, SMART Boards in schools, and a growing number of those, ah, unique-looking smart cars on the road. In the plastic cards industry, we’re keeping pace with our (you guessed it!) smart cards. Used most often as identification cards for employees and contractors, smart cards […]

What You Need to Know About Barcodes on Plastic Cards

I frequently get questions about plastic card printing and how it works with magnetic stripes and barcodes. Most businesses today want to include this technology on their plastic cards (such as gift cards and loyalty cards) because it’s perfect for tracking customer IDs, sales, marketing information and more. A few weeks ago, I wrote about […]

10 Creative Gift Card Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Just about every business you know (and probably all your competitors) has that clear acrylic display stand sitting right next to the check-out counter, filled with eye-catching but “unloaded” plastic gift cards. Naturally, owners and store managers put them there to catch the customer’s eye and encourage the gift card purchase. You’ve done the same […]

PETG, ABS Are Your Tickets to Eco-friendly Plastic Cards

I know plastic, including the PVC that we use to manufacture our plastic cards, has a bad reputation in certain circles, but there is a good side you don’t often hear about. It turns out that PVC is a poster child for sustainability among plastics. Made from more than 50 percent chlorine, or common salt, […]

It’s Clear! Transparent Cards Make a Great First Impression

There are lots of different types of plastic cards and plastic card printing choices – from the simple matte vs. glossy finish to the higher-end foil stamping and holograms. But one type of design that I think really stands out is the clear card. Created using 100-percent clear PVC, they are just as versatile as […]

Why the Design of Your Plastic Cards Matters

The look of your company’s website, brochures, newsletters and emails says a lot about who you are and how you run your business. It’s no different when it comes to the design of your gift cards and other types of plastic cards. I find it interesting when customers send me their own designs, and the […]

Are You LoCo or HiCo?

More than ever before, my customers are ordering plastic cards with barcoding and/or magnetic stripes. That’s because this card feature is the key ingredient to managing a card balance, tracking people’s spending behaviors or ensuring they have secure access to whatever it is they need access to (a hotel room, a building, a certain type […]

Yes, You Can Use ‘Quality’ and ‘Plastic Cards’ in the Same Sentence

Say “plastic” during a thrilling game of word association, and people will probably respond, “cheap,” right? And I get that. Plastic, in many cases, is manufactured to eventually be thrown away. (We’ll save the environmental conservation discussion for another time.) But, I do have some good news. When it comes to plastic cards, you actually […]

Must-have Features on Plastic Loyalty Cards? It Depends.

So, you’ve decided plastic card printing is the way to go with your customer reward or loyalty program. You’ve carefully planned how your rewards program will work, and you’ve incorporated some features that will help your business stand out. In this fourth and final post in my loyalty card series, I’m going to address a question […]

Five Great Ways to Differentiate a Loyalty Card Program

A good customer rewards program should be unique to your business and to the kind of customers you want to attract. When you’re planning your program (CRMTrends offers a great step-by-step guide), it’s important to remember that loyalty and rewards are not the same thing. Rewards don’t necessarily translate into loyalty – that sweet spot […]

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