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Gift Card Printing: What You Should Know

Plastic Gift Cards

If you’re thinking about implementing a gift card program, here are a few things to consider before placing your first order: 1. Do I need a gift card program? – There was an estimated $118 billion spent on gift cards last year, a 7.9 percent jump from the year previous. By 2015, gift cards are estimated […]

Seven Ideas for Successful Gift Card Marketing


  With gift cards projected to account for 18 percent of holiday spending by 2015, retailers will be fighting for their piece of the pie. Here are seven gift card marketing ideas to help ensure your gift card program reaches its full potential: 1. Merchandising – Gift cards don’t just represent a product or service, they are a […]

Why Many Fleet Managers Prefer Closed-Loop Fuel Cards

Fuel card manufacturing for fleet management

  In the world of fleet management, efficiency drives profits, and the overarching goal of all fleets — big and small, government or private — is managing fleet operations at the lowest possible cost. That’s why, according to closed-loop fleet fuel card management provider Multi-Service, 71 percent of fleets in the trucking industry prefer to […]

Smart Cards in Access Control

Smart card access control manufacturing

While the recent recession battered balance sheets in almost every business sector in the US and abroad, there were a few industries that saw expansion. One of these growth industries has been the $400 million global access control credential market, which benefited from increased concerns over theft, break-ins and white collar crime. Smart cards and […]

Smart Cards in Public Transit

Mass Transit RFID Contactless Smart Card

  In today’s public transit systems, contactless smart card are challenging traditional payment methods, offering advantages to both riders and public transit service providers. For service providers, smart card technology reduces passenger loading delays, as well as the overhead involved in processing individual cash fare transactions. Smart cards are virtually impossible to replicate, reducing fraud, […]

Four Promotional Items to Draw a Crowd at Your Next Trade Show

mustache card

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, people in the US own nearly ten promotional products each, on average, keeping them for just under seven months. Many of these are giveaways from trade shows, where promotional items are ubiquitous and drawing a crowd with a fresh gift idea can make the difference between getting noticed or […]

Customer Loyalty: Is Your Brand Sticky?

Loyalty Program Card

Did you know that 36% of Americans participate in loyalty programs, and that loyalty program membership is growing at a rate of 26.7% according to Colloquy, a loyalty information service? As you’re reading this, chances are you have more than a couple loyalty cards in your wallet or attached to your phone number. Here’s a […]

Promotional Products: What Happened to That Free T-Shirt?

According to a study last year by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional products provided an advertiser recall rate of 82 percent among promotional product recipients in every international city surveyed. ASI’s Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study also concluded that promotional products have a lower or similar cost per impression (CPI) than many traditional advertising […]

The Power of Plastic – Gift Card Spending Soars

The National Retail Federation reported that in 2013, gift card spending reached an all-time high, with eight in ten shoppers purchasing gift cards totaling an average of $163. According to another study by the National Restaurant Association, six in ten Americans want a restaurant gift card as a holiday gift. Gift card printing is inexpensive […]

The New and Improved PlastekCards.com

Scented Gift Card

You may have noticed that Plastek Cards just launched a new e-commerce website where you can order anything from smart cards to door hangers. At the new PlastekCards.com, you can create a chocolate-scented gift card for your bakery Or a clear business card for your window washing business   Here are a few more things […]

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