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General Contractors & Plastic Cards

Business and Gift Card OptionsI recently got the privilege to work with a national recognized and accredited general contractor, 1 G.R. Builders. This business dominates central Ohio for residential and commercial construction. This company prides itself on quality craftsmanship, exceptional pricing and a commitment to their clients that is unsurpassed by any other company in their industry.

When Plastek Cards was approached to help brand and market the company, we knew our business and gift cards had to be unique and trend setting. The end product needed to be an exact representation of 1 G.R. Builders. The company wanted to highlight a couple tasks that they specialized in; hardwood flooring, granite, ceramic tile, bathroom remodeling and general construction. Adding www.1grbuilders.com to the front of the card gives the client an easy reference to turn to, and also helps to increase the traffic to the company site. This was the perfect idea! Business cards need to be direct and to the point without overloading your potential clients with too much information. The final design that was approved for production was distinct and innovative.

The thickness of the cards were 18mil. This way their sales team and construction crew could easily carry several cards in their wallet, without being too bulky. They wanted their card to have texture to make it stand out above the rest, we achieved this applying a matte finish to both sides of the cards. The design of the card was simple and contemporary. At first glance it is somewhat reflective of a hotel key card. However if you study the card, the arrow will subconsciously bring your attention to the contact phone number that is printed. The color scheme in combination with a crisp modern font helped complete the design.

Often times some clients just want us to convert their existing business card design and print it on plastic. When we have the opportunity to work with clients that are willing to take a risk, and are involved in the design process the end result is worth it.  When working with 1 G.R. Builders, their creativity and design skills were impressive. The attention to detail was first-rate and they were involved in every step of the process from the beginning to end.

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