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Make A Strong First Impression With Custom Plastic Business Cards

In today’s business world, it’s not easy to stand out in a sea of competition – but a little bit of creativity and our innovative plastic cards can help. By creating custom plastic business cards that are different from the plain paper cards everyone else uses, you can capture people’s attention long after your first meeting – and make building profitable long-term connections that much easier. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

3 Ways to Use Plastic Cards To Get More Business

  • Use clear plastic cards to make an impact that your connections won’t forget. We offer cards made from a high quality clear plastic that can get your message across while becoming a conversation starter that makes breaking the ice easier. The novelty of these cards will make people hold on to them longer as well and pass them around to their contacts. A well-designed clear card can make an unforgettable first impression.
  • Try a custom die cut plastic card to make a splash with a shape of your own choosing. Aside from catching your contact’s attention by using a plastic card instead of a paper one, you can use a custom shape to reinforce and impression that your business is worth remembering. Whether you want smooth, modern curves or an edgier design, you can create a card that fits your business style and gets you noticed.
  • Give your contacts a reason to connect with you by using a custom combo card to drum up additional business. Like the preferred customer cards that many retailers use, these are full-size cards with a pair of snap-off mini cards that you can customize any way you want. Imagine handing someone a business card with two snap-off coupons … how much more business could that bring you?

In the current economic climate, you need every advantage you can get to capture the attention of today’s more discerning consumers. People are always on the lookout for something new, fresh and exciting to pay attention to, and plastic business cards – along with a clever custom design – could be just what you need to boost your monthly sales.

Image Credit: Creative Common License from Flickr User <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/mentallyretired/2419333668/sizes/o/“>Xenoloco</a>.

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