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Real Estate Agents and Plastic Business Cards

The real estate market is one of the hardest fields to break into. In order to be successful you need to find new and innovative ways to introduce yourself to the market. Often times sending out flyers and posting your face on benches introduces yourself to the community. There are more productive ways to establish yourself as a household name.

Potential homebuyers will spend every weekend each month exploring open houses. At the end of the day when it’s time to review the properties, everything seems to run together. What will make you stand out?

Unique business cards are one way to elevate you above your competition: less than 10% of business cards that are passed out, are kept by your prospective clients. With knowing this information , it  is well worth the time and investment to create an eye catching card design.

The new trend is making a multifunctional card. All business cards will need to have your contact information, but what else can be added to enhance the card? Below are a list of ideas that can help you elevate you above your competition.

· Yearly calendars or tip charts on the back of the card. Clients will find the information valuable and worth keeping in their wallet.

· Offer a percentage off closing costs.

· A $500 credit  towards  updating  the house they are selling, or it can be used for a renovation for their new home purchase.

· For commercial buyers offer them a VIP card to get  a first look at new listings.

· List the requirements necessary  to qualify for a loan.  For example, bank statements, tax returns, paystubs etc. Clients will reference this card multiple times throughout the process, and it will make for a smooth transaction.

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